CEOs, Entrepreneurial Leaders, Committed Coaches, Professional Speakers, Trainers, Consultants and
Emerging Thought Leaders Who Want to Fast Track Your Success, Create Massive Profits and
Make a Global Impact In Your Business!

Isn't it time for you to create your FIRST of MANY $10,000 months in sales in your business within the next 6 to 12 months?!

Aren't you ready to discover EXACTLY how to create overwhelming financial abundance in your life and business?!

If so, NOW is the right time AND you're in the right place!

We begin by elevating your MINDSET, then we'll create a personalized VISIBILITY strategy that gets you SEEN, HEARD and KNOWN, followed by teaching you the secret language of SELLING so you can get PAID!

For more than sixteen years, I’ve been serving CEOs, entrepreneurial leaders and transformation experts, like coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants, speakers and emerging thought leaders. What I’ve discovered is that transformation experts – just like you – love serving your clients because you understand transformation happens through people… one person at a time.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate to being clear about what you offer, who you serve and how to invite people to invest in your programs, services, and products. Identifying your ideal clients and reaching them doesn’t happen so easily in a crowded marketplace. And, selling feels uncomfortable because you don’t know the right words to say in a sales conversation. You know Salesy, Sleazy, Slimey and Pushy don’t belong!

I developed More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy just for you!

more coaching clients, wendyybailey

Finally, there IS a coaching and training program that delivers just what you have been asking for–a PROVEN, comprehensive approach that will give you THE ROAD MAP to create MASSIVE INFLUENCE, make a GLOBAL IMPACT and create EXPLOSIVE PROFITS in your business.

More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy is designed to give you an entire year’s worth of proven business growth strategies, innovative tools, and revenue-generating resources.

Each element is shared in easy-to-follow “chunks” to prepare you for simple implementation.

From the Income Starter Program (available for a limited time), to the Ultimate Business Beyond Limits Program (coming soon), you’ll discover how to stay in consistent action in your business, serve in your business from your overflow and create lasting success and a lifestyle of freedom.

More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy will accelerate your success, streamline your learning, and offer valuable support and accountability for the busiest entrepreneurial leaders in the transformation industry, specifically. I designed the curriculum to grow your bottom line profits exponentially in as little as 4 hours a week.

Personally, I don’t believe in a grind and I won’t ever ask that of you. Rather, it is about steady, forward movement with focused, intentional action using proven strategies.

You’re going to love following the right ROAD MAP to make your entrepreneurial journey a tremendously rewarding success!

~ Wendy Y. Bailey – Master Business and Sales Coach
Income Acceleration Mentor at Business Beyond Limits
Founder / Dean of More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy



Isn’t it about time that you experienced the fruits of your labor?!

BOLD Program Promises – Especially if you’re ALL IN… WE ARE TOO!


Create high-value programs, sell high dollar products and services and enroll more clients, easily and effortlessly.


Build relationships with your most ideal clients and how to create lead magnets to attract even more.


Develop your unique selling strategy and use your online presence as a powerful selling platform so you can sell more of your programs, products and services.


365 days from now… how kewl is that?!

more coaching clients sales and marketing academy, wendyybailey

The More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy Curriculum covers these topics in depth:

Mindset Mastery
Innovative Tools, Practical Application, Everyday Belief Changing Tools and The Mindset Challenge
more coaching clients, mindset mastery
Marketing Messaging
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Creating Breakthrough Opportunities, Visibility Strategies and Marketing Techniques
more coaching clients, marketing messaging
Sales Scripting
Sales Strategy, Elements of a Sales Conversation, Online and Offline Sales Tools and Techniques, Secret Language of Selling
more coaching clients, sales scripting
more coaching clients, zoom

LIVE Video Training

LIVE Video Training Sessions via Video (60 Minutes)

Each month, you’ll have TWO live video training sessions, walking you through a proven process for building your business to your next level of financial success. Specific topics are easily chunked to ensure that you can implement each as you follow the program.

Income Acceleration Mentor, Wendy Y. Bailey and her cadre of industry experts (faculty members and visiting guest speakers) will lead you through detailed modules, including mindset, marketing messaging, sales scripting, income acceleration, client infusion and revenue generation strategies, and more growth strategies.

more coaching clients, group training

Group Coaching Sessions are now “Office Hours”

PLUS… Monthly More Coaching Clients Office Hours  (90 Minutes)

Every month, you’ll be LIVE on the phone with Income Acceleration Mentor, Wendy Y. Bailey, giving you the chance to receive 1:1 coaching about your business, marketing messaging, visibility strategy, implementation, sales strategy, conversations and the how-to’s on building your tremendously successful business.

These “Office Hours” are your chance to receive valuable direction and receive feedback at no additional charge.

more coaching clients, video replays

Video Replays

PLUS… Video Replays of All More Coaching Clients Training Sessions

All More Coaching Clients Training Sessions are recorded and video replays become available within 24 hours for viewing. Videos are housed in a state-of-the-art membership portal for easy access and viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

more coaching clients

Audio Recordings

PLUS… Audio Recordings and Transcripts of All More Coaching Clients Group Coaching Sessions

All More Coaching Clients Group Coaching Sessions are recorded and audios become available within 24 hours for listening online or downloading directly. All sessions are also transcribed and PDF transcripts become available for download one week after each session, making for easy notetaking and fast searching for particular points.

more coaching clients, facebook forum

Facebook Forum

PLUS… Exclusive More Coaching Clients Forum via Facebook

Connect with other More Coaching Clients members just like you who are entrepreneurial leaders and transformation experts from around the world. We’ll connect you with them online to meet, get feedback, share resources, find joint venture partners, discover ideal brand ambassadors, and more.

more coaching clients

Program Concierge

PLUS… Membership Portal and Program Concierge

Access your membership materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your dedicated program attendant will ensure materials are added to your membership portal in a timely manner and address any of your program questions.

Who is this program for?

More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy has a curriculum suitable for the needs of CEOs, entrepreneurial leaders and transformation experts – just like you. It’s because we want to support you the way you’ve NEVER been supported before… it’s called MORE coaching clients for a reason – let us show you how to enroll lots MORE individual coaching clients, fill MORE of your high-end group coaching programs and create massive cash flow (MORE money) in your business.


PLUS, become a member of the ELITE 100 — the 100 coaches, speakers, emerging thought leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurial leaders I’ll show how to consistently earn more than $10,000 in a single month! 

more coaching clients sales and marketing academy,
income starter, more coaching clients

Your Income Starter Program features:

12 Month Membership Access to Your
Content-Packed Online Campus (available 24 hours / day, 7 days/week)

Semi-monthly Live Video Training Sessions
(with Q&A and replay)

Monthly “Open Hours” Coaching Session
(1:1 Coaching with WendyY)

Virtual Business-Building Mixer *held quarterly

Monthly Accountability Check-ins Via Email



Online Campus Content Includes:

Activation Challenge Planning Guides

Audio Recordings

Business-Building Coaching Programs

Content-Rich Masterclasses

Powerful and Practical PDFs

Super Friend Secret Sessions

 Video Replays of Masterclass Series

BONUS Live Activation Challenges:


Bigger, Bolder Blogging – 10 Day Blogging Challenge

Big Vision, Big Profits – 10 Day Video Challenge


Total Value of Your Income Starter Program is more than $30,000.

PLUS: If you choose to renew after 12 months, you’re also grandfathered in at this enrollment rate as long as your enrollment is continuous throughout the 12 month enrollment period.

Income Starter Program - Available for a LIMITED TIME Only!$297 SET-UP FEE + $197 PER MONTH (RECURRING) - Only 100 Seats Available. Ideal for coaches, speakers, trainers and entrepreneurial leaders who want group coaching, support and accountability.$197month
income accelerator program, business coaching programs, private coaching, mentor coaching

Your Income Accelerator Program includes
EVERYTHING in the Income Starter Program

PLUS, Your Income Accelerator Program features:

Two 45 Minute Private Accountability Sessions
*two sessions monthly

Business Building Group Coaching Programs
All Digital Downloads Available in Your Online Campus 24 hours / day, 7 days/week:


33 Minute Mastery: Group Coaching in 33 Minutes

Masterful Content: How to Create Compelling Content for Your Group Coaching Programs

Profitable Selling Conversations: Sales Language and Scripts to Close More Clients

Rapid Coaching Income: An Income Acceleration Group Coaching Program

Savvy Successful Selling: 5 Bankable Principles for Getting to YES!

Become A Sales Rock Star: A High-Value Sales Strategy and Activation Training Program for Coaches


Profitable Selling Secrets – Sales Mastery Mastermind

The Extreme Profitability Project: Online Course focused on Profitability


Total Value of Your Income Accelerator Program
including Your Income Starter Program is $44,997.

PLUS: If you choose to renew after 12 months, you’re also grandfathered in at this enrollment rate as long as your enrollment is continuous throughout the 12 month enrollment period.

Income Accelerator Program - Only 25 Seats Available$297 SET-UP FEE + $697 PER month (RECURRING) - Only 25 Seats Available. Ideal for coaches, speakers, consultants and other leaders who are ready to invest in accelerated live and digital training programs with private coaching and accountability.$697month

Additional Program Levels of More Coaching Clients Sales and Marketing Academy are also available! These levels include more private COACHING opportunities, more ACCOUNTABILITY, more BREAKTHROUGH OPPORTUNITIES, and MORE training via ADVANCED MASTERCLASSES and LIVE VIP DAYS. Contact us for more details at concierge *at* morecoachingclients *dot* com.